Exterior rendering of Either/or restaurant Des Moines

A neighborhood establishment and a destination all in one. The atmosphere will be inviting to the surrounding neighborhoods and offer exactly what they need to feel comfortable. Bikers will route their rides to end with a beer and a meal here. Adults, kids and those young at heart will be drawn to the patio and lawn space.


A holistic approach to quality and craft will be celebrated and showcased throughout the space. Views into the kitchen will highlight top notch ingredients and dishes. Reusing an existing building and focusing on economical design solutions means that modifications will be simple but impactful. The material palette will be kept intentionally small to focus on quality, minimize waste and allow a few key materials to stand out.


The space will connect with the vibe of Lua Brewing while creating an identity of its own. Ambiance is controlled through warm, dimmable lighting and acoustics that allow for conversations to happen between patrons. Lively, whimsical and energetic, this will become the spot for big celebrations and everyday celebrations.