DSM C5 Coffee & Bar

DSM C5 Coffee and Bar and DSM airport DSM C5 Coffee and Bar and DSM airport DSM C5 Coffee and Bar and DSM airport

Gate C-5 at the Des Moines International Airport is located within a high-traffic area that was isolated from the other food and beverage amenities. Previously, guests would arrive to their gate and have to return back to the main amenity space within the airport terminal if they wanted to purchase a beverage. The addition of the Coffee & Bar project gives guests a nearby amenity, providing peace of mind and comfort to guests that prefer to stay close to their gate prior to boarding.


It was important that this project create a harmonious design with the existing infrastructure. The vibrant material selections of the bar became a defining element of the user wayfinding experience. Signage was added to an existing bulkhead and the bar itself projects into the aisleway to make sure it is visible to passengers. Not only do the bright colors grab attention and make it apparent that there is an opportunity for food and drink at the gate, but it also sets the space apart from the other brand identities of established food vendors within the terminal.


With a modest budget, Slingshot was able to help a repeat client transform an otherwise underutilized space into a much-needed amenity. Bright colors and modern finishings bring the space together into a completed amenity that looks professional and polished without the cost of a full-scale renovation.