Dan Drendel, AIA, LEED AP

Dan Drendel Headshot

Coming from a family of architects, contractors, and graphic designers, Dan is a natural born designer. He is able to courageously pursue bold solutions to projects while coaching our team toward their best work. Dan received a Bachelor of Science in education from Southeast Missouri State University in 2001 and a Master’s degree in architecture from Illinois Institute of Technology in 2007.

After relocating to Des Moines, Dan noticed that the landscape of the city was changing quickly. More specifically, he noticed that Slingshot was doing work that impacted the city’s downtown, from infilling blocks that were previously parking lots to transforming historic buildings into mixed use urban developments. He knew that he wanted to be a part of that growth and have that potential to effect change across the city.

As a Principal at Slingshot, Dan focuses on coaching our growing team and leading project workflow. He helps shape the vision by focusing on holistic concepts that are developed with clarity and optimism. Throughout the design process, Slingshot’s team and the clients he works with are what keep Dan charged up and able to produce great work. Since joining the firm, Dan has helped overhaul Slingshot’s means of producing digital work and constantly pursues excellence in the design solutions he helps create for our clients.

Dan also works to expand Slingshot’s impact to new communities outside of Des Moines. By taking what the firm has learned at home and applying it to other communities, he continues to build relationships and impact the landscape of cities across Iowa and beyond.

Outside of work, Dan enjoys working on home improvement projects, and spending time with his children, William and Isabel, and his wife, Bridget.

  • "Be thankful, optimistic and bold