Erickson Balmer Office

Pull Back

Construction company president Brian Balmer hired us to design a new office for him after one of his clients asked to rent the Erickson Balmer office. This unique catalyst for moving gave Brian the opportunity to create a new contemporary workspace. We learned he wanted to creatively use simple, economical materials to symbolically express his business.


Brian was very open to new ideas. He embraced the idea of changing to a more open office environment, installing wood flooring on walls + painting accent walls a bold blue color. Due to the speed of the office change, we needed to finish the design + finish selections during construction.


Visiting the new Erickson Balmer office, we see a space that meets the need of employees. They have embraced the open office environment — and the collaboration it fosters. We knew Brian felt at home when he parked his motorcycle in the conference room + it looked like it belonged there.

  • "Working with Slingshot on my office project was a pleasure. Our project had both a tight time frame + budget. Slingshot was able to meet all of our criteria. They designed a functional space that was both creative + budget conscious. I have + will continue to recommend them to anyone.
    Brian P. Balmer, President, Erickson Balmer Construction