Field Day Brewing Company

Field Day Brewing Rendering
Destination Brewery

Field Day will be a gathering space for the full community, designed with specific groups in mind. The brewery will highlight high-quality beer in an inviting and unique taproom that encourages people to stick around and have another beer. The space will also draw concerts and regional events, with ample space for larger crowds.

Under One Roof

An expressive roof canopy unifies the disparate programatic elements and encourages communal coming together with space for beer aficionados and moms with kids in tow. The location’s proximity to the regional bike trail will make it an easy stop for thirsty cyclists. The décor will be casual and family friendly, with interactive play areas and simple, economical forms.

Botanical Vibes

The design will maximize the indoor/outdoor connection with plenty of natural light and plants. Large doors will open out to an expansive patio with shade for afternoon events and a stage for concerts.