Fiedler Law Firm, PLC


Fiedler Law Firm, PLC works with clients who are going through a difficult time in their lives. The office environment needs to inspire confidence and comfort in the client’s decision to retain Fiedler for their representation. The public spaces will embody the sense of dignity and respect that is the very core of Fiedler’s being. The public spaces of the building need to convey a sense of success without being overbearing. People MUST feel comfortable and at home in the office.

work and play

Fiedler works hard. Their space should allow for the opportunity to unplug. Arranging the offices around a family room(s) and kitchen will allow for moments to catch-up with their co-workers, discuss a current case and spill outside to celebrate at the end of a long fought trial. Informal places to work and gather allow for the creative spark that could bring new ideas on how to accomplish/argue and win the tasks at hand.


Fiedler is a family of passionate people determined to make the world a better place. Their offices should not have a typical arrangement off of a long hallway. Arranging the offices around a relaxed collaborative space and the support staff will break down the segregation of teams and allow a more collaborative approach to their practice.

  • "Throughout the process, Greg focused on finding out needs we didn't even know we had.  Then he delivered solutions. We love the building.”
    Paige Fiedler