Ellipsis South

Interior lobby rendering at Ellipsis south Interior residential unit rendering at Ellipsis south
Sense of Ownership

Residents should feel a sense of ownership within their units. The space is designed to feel as much like an apartment building as possible in lieu of feeling like a shelter or institution. Residents have a private space they can retreat to while also having the ability to invite guests in as they choose.


The existing steel structure and envelope allow the building to remain flexible with its programming. By re-analyzing the current interior program needs we are able to propose a healthy and more efficient environment for both residents and staff while maintaining as much of the existing infrastructure as possible. The project will supply resilience in materiality by providing durable and cost effective building materials that allow the building to continue to be adaptable throughout the remainder of its lifecycle.


The project will provide safe and secure housing to the community. Affected youths will have a sense of refuge allowing them the mental space to focus on healing and personal growth in a time of crisis. Biophilloic and tranquil materials will be utilized throughout the building, which will aid in the reduction of stress and improve emotional wellbeing.