View of Trilix office breakroom working nook View of the interior of an individual office at Trilix

The studio is the largest growing department for Trilix. Video is the way of the future for advertising. Dedicating a full floor to a new, larger studio with directly adjacent support allows the department to stage multiple sets, host clients to interact with their projects, and achieve the best acoustics for its needs. An additional recording studio adjacent to the video studio will allow Trilix to grow in a new department and provide a great amenity to the recording artists in Des Moines and beyond.

New York Loft

The office feels more ‘homey’ and ‘less corporate.’ The New York Loft aesthetic is synonymous with exposed exterior building material and embracing the industrial elements/materials of the space. Layering in the brand adds pops of color and bold graphics. Varying light levels and fixture types add extra depth and interest throughout the design. A tasteful nod to Crescent Cheverolet is experienced to celebrate the building’s history.

Together as One Creative Team

Creative people need creative spaces to collaborate and to produce their best work. The office should not be broken up into neighborhoods, instead function as a space to work together as ‘one team.’ It contains a variety of postures and space types for collaboration, meeting and individual work opportunities.