The Resort

Pull Back

Campus Acquisitions owned several apartment buildings throughout Ames, Iowa’s Campustown + and wanted to provide a central amenity-rich community space their tenants could all enjoy. Slingshot Architecture was hired to analyze if re-using the existing 100-year-old farmhouse or building new on the site was the best option. The amenities they wanted to provide included a pool, patio, whirlpool, sauna, tanning rooms, weight + cardio rooms, yoga area + community living space.


After studying several design schemes, it was determined that constructing a new 3-story building with community space on the first floor and apartments on the top 2 stories was the most practical approach. To satisfy city planning requirements, SSA used 2 different brick sizes + colors + broke the façade into 2 contrasting volumes to represent the separation between public + private areas of the building. A central stair core constructed of burnished concrete block which provides access for the apartments + amenities space.


A dilapitadated building + parking lot were removed, replaced with a contemporary amenity/apartment building. The apartments are able to rent for a higher unit price because of the proximinty to amenities + campus, as well as the overall unit quality. The fitness center + pool provide a place for Iowa State University students to relax, work-out + gather in between studying + classes.