Anthologic at Capitol Center

Open conference area in Anthologic Interior seating in Anthologic Interior seating area in Anthologic
Employee Retention & Attraction

The new Anthologic offices at Capitol Center will engage with the neighborhood through new public art, revamped signage and additional windows on the corner of 6th & Walnut, which will provide a sense of inclusion to the historic East Village. The office atmosphere is critical to the life of the company both from an internal and external presence. These elements will act as the “wow” factor to incoming groups and potential employee tours. The atmosphere will be interactive, good humored and personal.

Town Hall Event Space

It was important to the Anthologic culture to have space to host clients and staff for various gatherings. To be successful the office must leverage large gathering spaces so they function for both internal office events as well as outside social events. These activities require flex and open space to organically happen without crowding or disrupting the staff.

One Company

The company has many branches, but its offices must be fully integrated so they feel like one in their new location. Providing open workspace without team designation allows employees from varying divisions to branch out and work alongside team members beyond their everyday peers. The Anthologic brand will be utilized as a supporting statement, tying the branches together as “one family.”