Surety Hotel

Limited Asks from Historic Tax Credits

Opened in 1913, the Hippee Building was built to house The Iowa Loan & Trust Company. The 12-story Beaux-Arts Classicism style building—more recently known as the Midland Building—was once Iowa's tallest skyscraper. Through this project, the space will be reimagined as a 138-room boutique hotel, aptly named after a surety bond and paying homage to the building's origins.

Front of House Drives Back of House

In addition to hotel rooms on its higher floors, the new hotel will include a restaurant on the ground floor to help draw in the public as well as event spaces and a 200-person ballroom. The design also leverages the forgotten courtyard space which will offer a unique outdoor space in the heart of the city for private events and restaurant functions.

Project Which is Specific to Place

One of the core sources of inspiration for this project is its location and context in downtown Des Moines. Repurposing this historical steel high-rise will restore the original beauty of its flat clay tile arch floors, masonry exterior, terra cotta walls, and brick with terra cotta detailing.