Activate + Celebrate

The location of this project provides an opportunity to bring together seemingly disparate elements, such as the historic context of Sherman Hill and the contemporary Western Gateway and other Krause+ properties. The building and site will enhance the experience of the mid-century west side and industrial east side of the building.

Waste, Water + Energy

The project must consider three key goals: waste, water, and energy. Reusing the existing Crescent Chevrolet building and exploring ways to adapt the space to new uses will infuse the building and area with new energy. Exploring sustainable technologies and monitoring utility use will further enhance these goals.

Everyone is Welcome

The project will incorporate five principles of inclusive design:
1. People First: focusing on users
2. Diversity and Difference: acknowledging different perspectives
3. Choice: offer choices rather than a single solution
4. Flexibility: flexibility in use
5. Positive Experience: convenient, enjoyable, accessible, and safe for all to use