Athletic Complex Concession Stand

Pull Back

After the previous architect closed its office, we jumped into the project + maintained the schedule. (We received the call on February 24, + the project was out to bid on March 12.) We provided a simple solution for the district’s concession stand that engages with the site.


Hardworking concessions volunteers should be part of the festivities. The porch shades, protects + gives a view to the track + field. The “Blue Devil” masonry block marks athletic facility entries.


David’s strong leadership during construction ensured the school district would have not only a project completed on schedule, but a project + concession stand that the school district + students + staff are very proud to call their own.

  • "David never once lost focus on this project. He was very particular, + was tenacious about expecting precision + excellence. We would never have completed this project with such quality if it had not been for David’s assistance. As a new superintendent of schools, David was invaluable to me."
    Jean Peterson, Superintendent, Martensdale-St. Mary’s Community School District