Marquardt Performing Arts Center

Connect the Campus

The Performing Arts Center is the final piece of a masterplan envisioned in 2004 which included a Commons/kitchen addition, new middle school entry and administration/maintenance building. The PAC on the southwest corner of the “Green” will connect the Commons to the sixth grade center to allow students to travel entirely indoors.

Create a Fine Arts Courtyard

The additions of the PAC and two visual arts classrooms can spill out into a courtyard with sculptures, fountain and an outdoor teaching area. The existing covered walkway borders the last side of the courtyard and provides public access.

Great Performance Spaces

The 500 seat auditorium will offer a full stage with sound booth and back stage support spaces. The stage is framed by a wood valance which also acts as a lateral reflective surface for the audience. The rear of the house is absorptive to balance acoustics and includes the wood clad sound control room. The glass lobby gathers guests from parking at the south, entries off the Green and a connection to the Commons which will serve as the green room.