Luther Memorial Church

Exterior of Luther Memorial Church Interior of Luther Memorial Church Interior of Luther Memorial Church

Luther Memorial Church maintains a strong relationship to tradition through both practice and the building itself. Worship, salvation, faith, the Church Ship, fellowship activities, refuge / sanctuary, and service all grow from the congregation’s Danish Lutheran roots. The design pushes an authentic expression of this heritage through rehabilitation of the original building and sensitive interventions to support these traditions.


Luther Memorial Church is in a period of growth—in both membership and mission. Planning for this future growth is key to the ongoing success of the congregation and presents unique opportunities to affect the lives of members. Grand View University students and faculty, the surrounding community, and the wider world. The aesthetics of the rehabilitation and addition express the energy, vitality, and freshness of a growing congregation.


Within the scope of this project, the idea of connection can signify many things: connecting individuals to Christ, fostering personal connections between members, connecting to the needs of the surrounding neighborhood, integrated programming between LMC and Grand View University, and supporting student life/student ministry. Hygge (a mood or feeling of coziness, connection, and contentment) strengthens cultural bonds within the congregation and informs interactions with other communities. Toward that end, the work should increase the sense of simple openness, comfort/safety, and beauty with flexible spaces.