Emera Rendering

Vibrancy happens when and where people collide in everyday life. As a key site in the “Zone of Confluence” between Grinnell College and the City of Grinnell, the proposed development will provide new opportunities for interaction between students, faculty, staff, daytime workers, residents, and visitors. The architecture should support interaction/confluence at the ground level: bike share, outdoor gathering, connection to campus, through-passage to the proposed park.

Downtown Gateway

The site is located at the north end of Main Street at a node where downtown gives way to single-family homes and the Grinnell College campus. A state highway serves as the border. Because the project is comprised of two sites facing each other across Main Street, it becomes a physical gateway to downtown. Upper-floor apartments and active ground-floor commercial space will also serve as a gateway drawing customers to downtown businesses.

Be Grinnell

Grinnell is unique among Iowa towns. The city-college relationship has built an environment unlike any other: small-town ethos with events, amenities, and a vitality that rival larger cities. Grinnell is a confluence of manufacturing, higher education, finance, and farming, where residents are highly involved and invested in its success. Grinnell appreciates purposeful icons in campus architecture, historic downtown buildings, and unique homes.