Bluestone Engineering Office

Pull Back

Bluestone needed areas for open collaboration + bringing its team together. It was critical to work within the tenant improvement allowance while producing a highly functional, impressive workplace.


The central meeting area, also known as the “blue object”, serves as a pin-up + meeting space to serve a range of groups from full office to small teams. Private conference + work rooms are concealed behind the entry wall.


Quality materials + detailing are focused on the front entry sequence + punctuated by the “blue object” at the center of the space. As guests enter, the “blue object” is first concealed, then revealed + opened up in order to welcome visitors into the process of the Bluestone team. The finished space was built out at $33/sf.

  • "“Thank you for your efforts + creativity in the design of our new space. I really like how different it is + how the space feels. It works really well for how we function. Great job!”
    Ryan Hepler, PE, LEED AP, Mechanical Engineer, Bluestone Project Management & Engineering