Hyatt Place at Liberty

Pull Back

Our code knowledge brought us to the table. Our skill in adapting this historic building without closing up windows gave us the job. We took the time to understand the problems: complexity of Hyatt Place program inserted into an existing building + code challenges inherent with a mixed-use high rise + various review authorities + historic Preservation Brief requirements.


The existing floor plate depth + the desire to preserve windows led to incorporating the Hyatt European room concept for 93 guest rooms. Dividing the existing 4 elevators front to back to serve hotel + tenants separately maintains security while allowing the historic lobby to read as 1 space.


Guest room design maximizes the tall windows + ceilings to feel spacious + bright despite their “smaller than suburban hotels” footprint. This project proves that century-old buildings can adapt to many uses + contribute a great deal to city life.

  • "Greg and David studied the building for design opportunities and challenges. ge Wattier Architecture [Slingshot] coordinated the expectations of the owners, Hyatt brand, the State Historic Preservation Office + federal Preservation Briefs with the nuances of the existing building, + the result is a beautiful hotel in the Liberty Building.”
    Jake Christensen, Liberty-Hyatt Owner