Wasabi Waukee

Dining area with booths, tables, and chairs Chefs preparing food at Wasabi Bar with high top chairs at Wasabi in Waukee Bar with high top chairs at Wasabi in Waukee Dining areas with booths and chairs Images of bar and alcohol on shelves at Wasabi in Waukee

Our client was not interested in creating an American “perceived” version of a Japanese Sushi restaurant. The design needed to be genuine in form, fixtures, materials and colors. The bar needed a signature design, so Slingshot utilized tectonic post and beam wood joinery for the main bar and booth area emphasizing the importance of woodwork detailing in Japanese Architecture.


Quality of materials were critical to the success of the project – No faux. Okite quartz was found by our client and was used because of its transparency and rich orange/red marbled color. Countertops are granite for durability and genuineness, while all woodwork is solid oak stained in two different colors.


The design and restaurant are very personal for our client. Jay was “hands on” and deeply involved in the design and material selection process. His ideas and vision were captivating and inspired us to not look at his restaurant as a strip center restaurant, but instead a wonderful Sushi restaurant and atmosphere in the center of suburban living.