North Side Yard

The downtown of Stevens Point features mixed residential rentals and micro-commercial spaces. The use of green touchdowns, integrated circulation routes, and the emphasis on people over cars are a catalyst for the growth of downtown. North Side Yard

Located between an existing neighborhood and downtown, our goal was to create a visual identifier of the transition between the character of those places. This mixed-used space combines residential units that are designed for young professionals and empty nesters with commercial spaces to be filled by local entrepreneurs. People are drawn to the area offerings which are easily accessible by car, bike, or on foot.


We focused on using the building and landscape to promote a pleasant pedestrian experience within the four-season culture. The contemporary forms provide distinct urban conditions for those seeking a life adjacent to downtown amenities.


Our goal is to stimulate the edge of downtown and spur further development around Stevens Point. Residents will feel empowered to live a more dynamic lifestyle with access to local business and amenities within the urban environment.