Rendering of 2525 Hotel exterior
Mid-Century Revival

Restoring the now dilapidated Howard Johnson motor lodge will provide an experience unlike those found in other hotels around the Midwest. Guests will be immersed in feelings of the 1960s and 1970s during their unique stay in this restored property.  

An Iconic Presence

The “Gate Lodge” once stood as a landmark to travelers driving across the country. Historic imagery and writings help inform the restoration of the gate lodge and bring back its purpose as a landmark element along Ingersoll Avenue.

Site Synergy

Originally the Howard Johnson motor lodges stood on sites developed with cohesiveness in mind. Sites connected guests from the gate lodge to the hotel or the nearby Howard Johnson restaurant. Continuing with the original intent, the site will be improved utilizing new signage, fencing, public art, and outdoor privacy screens to create a cohesiveness between Ingersoll and Grand Avenues.