Hoyt Sherman

Pull Back

Hoyt Sherman Place is listed on the National Register of Historic Places + qualified for the Saving America’s Treasures Grant. Through this grant, the nonprofit foundation wanted to take care of some maintenance/rehabilitaion work items on the 130-year-old house + attached 80-year-old theater. Slingshot Architecture was hired to identify scope, propose solutions, bid to qualified contractors + oversee construction.


SSA identified + prioritized rehabilitation/improvement items which included: masonry, stained-glass window, masonry wall reconstruction, wood window + re-glazing, terracotta roof, membrane roof replacement, gutter + replacement, cast-stone, ADA accessibility + restoration of ornate stained-glass skylight. SSA developed solutions to meet historic guidelines + sought qualified contractors to competitively bid on the outlined scope of work. SSA performed site visits to ensure construction was proceeding as planned + answered questions.


Some of the improvements performed will likely go unnoticed by the general public, but what is important is that the building + its contents have been maintained + preserved. The exterior improvements gave the building’s main facades a much-needed facelift + provide an appropriate expression of this great Des Moines entertainment venue.