Central Academy Ceramics Studio

Central Academy is located within the historic Wallace-Homestead building. The building has been home to Homestead Magazine and Meredith Corporation. Its architectural presence, current use, and the context of printing/publishing history within the building has made it a landmark along Grand Avenue. Adaptive reuse of this 5,444 square foot space, into a pottery studio, will preserve both the raw feel of the space and the architectural integrity of the building. Changes to the street-facing facade will be avoided. Future plans for the a remainder of Level A include finishing it out as as a meeting and testing space. Direct access to the loading dock eases burdens on staff to transfer clay and other materials to the studio. All public and student users will arrive to the space through the main building entry.
People // Artist

The Central Academy Ceramics Studio will develop students’ artistic expression through hands-on education, integration of technology, collaborative energy, and self reflection. Students will learn that the journey to success involves failing gracefully and finding opportunity in their missteps. Adaptive reuse of this 5,444-square-foot space into a ceramics studio will preserve both the raw feel of the space and the architectural integrity of the building.

Clarity // Character

Community is integral to the character of the studio. The space will bring together artists of different skill levels (high school students and community members) to practice creative expression through pottery.

The studio will remain a raw space with exposed pipes and mechanical systems. Work surfaces, storage solutions, sinks and flooring will be utilitarian.

Gallery and research areas will be more refined with direct lighting, clean walls and casework.

Optimism // Experience

Openness and high visibility across the entire work area empowers students to work independently or collaborate
with others, depending on their needs.

Curating student and community art from the studio presents an opportunity to connect with the public through exhibitions and events. Togetherness, a characteristic of the current classroom, will be carried over to the new space. High levels of interaction between the educator and students will enrich the learning experience.