Pull Back

Chef Jason Simon rode his bike to our office to visit with Greg, based on a recommendation from a past client. We quickly learned about his passion to create a truly unique dining experience + menu. Jason also explained his plan to not only manage the construction of the project but also to contribute some of the construction work himself.


During design we needed to solve the interior connection between the restaurant + lower bar area. The simple solution was steps + a ramp. We soon realized they could become great focal pieces in the design + flow of the space. Jason brought to the design his unique ideas — poured-concrete sinks, wall textures + doors hung from the ceiling to help acoustics. The final idea that solidified Jason’s personalization of the space was the creation + design of the open kitchen + internally lit chef’s table for special guests.


The revitalized former car showroom at the corner of Des Moines + East 6th streets contributes to the ongoing renaissance of the historic East Village in Des Moines. In the evening, the large corner windows offer views of the electric restaurant seating area + kitchen. After several years in business, Alba is still a very relevant restaurant in the metro restaurant scene, serving up great food + service. The project remains one of our office’s favorite examples of collaborative design.

  • "From top to bottom, everyone involved at GE Wattier [Slingshot] set forth tremendous effort + considerable patience in bringing my project to life.
    Jason Simon, Owner/ Chef, Alba