Drivers : what gets you up in the morning?


Two years ago, before we knew much about identity or even considered re-branding ge WATTIER architecture, we had a desire to more clearly define what we want to do in our work and how we want to connect with clients interested in the same things.  We took our own discovery | visioning process (now pullback) that we use to begin the design process with our clients and turned the focus on ourselves.

After a few sessions where we spoke vaguely about design, values, process and clients, we knew we had to dig deeper and get personal.  Almost naively and certainly optimistically, we asked, “What if we could drill down to 2-3 words that describe why we do what we do?  Why do we get up in the morning?”  We each took a week on our own to develop our own individual answers and then brought the team back together.

Vague descriptions were out and bold clarity took the wheel.  As a team, we sought the force that moves us to strive for great design solutions and to engage with our community and clients : our drivers.  We distilled, debated, combined, questioned and pushed until we were left with only the meat.


At Slingshot Architecture, our drivers are the heart of our purpose, but more importantly our approach to people.  make sense, serve, mean it.

What drives you?