Peace Tree Brewing Co.


Adjacent urban neighborhoods support walkability through comfortable pedestrian zones. East Court pedestrian space is segmented + often not protected from the wide/busy street.

Strengthen the axial connections to the East Village, West Court Avenue + Market District by building off streetscapes in adjacent properties.

Utilize the magnitude of two projects across the street for visual connection + dialogue to maximize the perceived change while utilizing existing structures + setbacks.


East Court Avenue has many remnants of previous light industrial service businesses. As the neighborhood transforms to more retail and commercial uses, the buildings and setbacks do not necessarily match what a new building for these uses would be.

Work within the existing building forms to best connect to the pedestrian zone, outdoor spaces, street visibility + parking. Develop strategies to demise the space in each building for single tenants + multiple tenants.

Capitalize on the large scale industrial structures that would not be a part of the new construction. Show off these structures, modify their visual scale when needed + treat the buildings as unique, place-specific asset.


Relaxed coffee shop feel with residential comfort. Inside/outside spaces with blurred boundaries. Industrial structure shifted toward Peace Tree character.