LINC Phases I + II @ Gray’s Station

Image of pool at LINC

LINC Phase I serves as the statement and entrance to the Grays Station development. 11th Street is proposed to be an active pedestrian- and bike-friendly street, moving people from the large artery of Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway to the connector streets of Grays Station and the other adjacent properties. LINC II will help facilitate this connection by acting as the gateway to the neighborhood. LINC I and LINC II will serve as the gateway to the community by utilizing materials and overall building shape to draw vehicles and pedestrians into the site.


Identifiable and Unique. LINC I will have a presence along Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway through its size and will be the first new building along MLK that nestles up to the street edge. This presence will set the tone for a boulevard edge building.


Various opportunities will be taken to allow the user to achieve a state of self restoration through views of the site, and through encouraged outdoor activities, creating a “public life” on the site. These activities include biking, walking, and other open park space activities. Green spaces will be activated with commercial uses and places for respite. A plaza will be created to activate the neighborhood. Within the congregated residences there will be large communal gathering areas and shared views of the city skyline.