Orchestrate Management Office

Pull Back

Paul wanted to relocate his growing business from a small office space in a parking garage to a permanent home that represented him, his staff + how they worked. The third floor of the Clemens Building became a logical choice as it was located in the heart of many of Paul’s business ventures (for one, Raccoon River Brewing Company is on the first floor). He asked us to craft his permanent home.


As we grew to know the staff + how they worked, we understood the need for collaborative spaces + private spaces. The modest budget also pushed us to explore a limited new material palette + expose the existing concrete frame components for the new architecture.


We have been back to Paul’s office many times. It is a fantastic space for them + clients. Recently Paul contacted Greg about re-thinking + remodeling the existing space to accommodate additional staff + repurpose some existing spaces to their new methods of working. It is always a great compliment when we are called back to a previous project to assist with new problem solving.

  • "“The fact that we find the environment as enjoyable + productive today as we did when we first occupied it is indicative of the great pre-design work Greg + his team did - asking questions, listening + responding to our entire team’s input. ”
    Paul Rottenberg, President, Orchestrate Management Company