Des Moines Airport

Visual Impact

The food services offered in the Des Moines Airport were limited and visually separated from the concourse access. In response to an effort to improve the food offerings and dining experiences at the airport, the main design driver was to open up and connect the newly branded restaurants with the travelers and other patrons of the airport. Changes in materials and variations in ceiling features, create cues to increase patron awareness of all the improved food offerings. By using soft, tactile materials that corresponded to the restaurant brand produced a level of comfort in these spaces that was previously lacking.


With limited time and budget, it was essential to utilize existing infrastructure and also improve on the quality of the environment. A priority was to extend access and incorporate views to daylight to create inviting spaces. An important tactic was to increase visibility and connection between existing restaurant locations. With minor changes to materials and the addition of power and data access, the designs were able to create a variety of comfortable spaces offering a selection of different environments for the individual patron.


Partnering with Aero Services Group, three distinct brand design concepts were developed for the new food and beverages services. Colors, materials, and textiles, were selected to complement the restaurant branding and further emphasize the look, feel, and experience of the new high quality dining experiences.