The Lindens @ Luther Park

Pull Back

Converting regular assisted living into memory care assisted living required researching code implications. We took the time to study existing construction assemblies, design + context. Then we looked at various ways of phasing work to minimize impact to occupants + maximize owner return on investment.


Our team proposed additions that complemented the existing design by using similar materials + forms. We solved structural + fire rating issues with accurate drawings to identify problems prior to construction.


The memory-care rooms were quickly occupied after completion of construction. Sunroom additions + patio areas provide occupants with a great connection to the outdoors, as well as communal space for interaction + gatherings.

  • "Greg + his firm are competent, responsive, imaginative + a pleasure to work with. They have receptively proven to be problem solvers + shown the ability to look at existing challenges + bring fresh ideas to the table. They have worked well with agencies that regulate what we do + build here, + seem to have an excellent grasp on building codes.”
    Denny Garland, Executive Director, Luther Care Services