Liars Club

Pull Back

As we designed the Court Center redevelopment of a 19th-century warehouse, we engaged with Frankie, a young first-time bar owner. He was looking to launch a trendsetting bar with a dance floor + a cool space for a DJ spinning records — all on the second floor of the building.


The client asked one of our talented designers to create an edgy restroom design for his club, based on his belief that a lot of social interaction in a bar happens in + around the “facilities.” We responded with a sly pass-through on the shared sink wall. It gives male + female patrons a flirtatious sneak peek, providing the ultimate squeaky-clean pickup line as envisioned by our designer: “May I have some soap, please?”


Besides the huge excitement over the restroom pass-through (still talked + tweeted about today), the flying DJ booth above the bar is a successful bold move achieved by centrally stacking the two most important components of the bar — the beverage area + the DJ. Liars Club continues to be a large draw in the Court Avenue Entertainment District.