Financial Center

Exterior of Financial Center Exterior of Financial Center Downtown Des Moines at night Lobby of Financial Center Lobby of Financial Center
Class A Office

Lawmark purchased a downtown building, known locally as a Class B space, which embodied a tired 1970’s office space. Our clear goal was to move this building to a Class A space by focusing on upgrading common areas, the main lobby, and common bathrooms. The entry canopy was also changed to advance the perception of the building. These upgrades were further enhanced by the use of Lawmark’s brand standard materials and colors. The space is now energy efficient and modern—the outdated, original building now has a cool 1970’s design merged with the clean palette and modern Class A standards.


One of the key strategies of this transformation was a refresh all of the interior and exterior spaces. The use of new materials and a clean design aesthetic greatly elevated the space. The faux treatments on the exterior of the building were removed and the original cantilevered canopy was restored. Again, the use of contemporary materials allowed the canopy to be a strong extension of the interior lobby. The most impactful addition was exterior lighting, which positively showcases their building in the city’s skyline.

Relevant & Respected

The owner was frustrated by the local opinions that the building was no longer relevant or respected. The elegant design of the original building had been lost over the years, resulting in a stale space. The new exterior lighting, revised entry canopy, updated lobby entrance, and upgraded common areas have led to great reversal of public opinion. As a result of the positive changes, many clients are seeking to move to the Financial Center, which is leading to further revenue opportunities for Lawmark.