Cedar Falls Co-op

Cedar Falls co-op rendering Cedar Falls co-op rendering Cedar Falls co-op rendering
Beginning to End

In order for the project to integrate into downtown Main Street, the area must be walkable, visually connected and sensitive to material and scale. This two-story masonry building at the southernmost edge of the downtown business district will help support the profile of the downtown, creating a gateway upon district entry and exit via Main Street. The retail uses on the ground floor will immediately contribute to the vibrancy of the area and a residential second story use allows for added density.


Through collaboration with community groups such as the Rooted Carrot Co-op, Community Main Street and the City of Cedar Falls, the project incorporates diversity of thought and seeks to welcome people of all backgrounds to gather together.

Health & Well-being

The building will reflect the principles of the co-op program within. Considering concepts such as a more walkable and bicycle-friendly site design, sustainable landscaping, locally-sourced materials and solar power production, the building will enhance the user experience while being sensitive to the project's environmental impact.