Busby Residence

Pull Back

We were initially hired to design a new rear deck to overlook the Rocky Mountains. After several exploratory + "get to know you" meetings, we discovered the needs + goals were actually more interior than exterior. After living in their recently purchased "semi-custom" home for a few years, they realized they were not happy with many functional + aesthetic aspects of the home.


Greg traveled many times to Erie to spend time with Les + Mary, as well as, to coordinate with Brad Wattier, his contractor brother. Several of the projects were crafted, realized + delineated with on-site 2-D and 3-D sketches while in Erie. Some of the projects were more involved + produced back in Des Moines. Experiencing their interest + excitement during the on-site design work created great client-architect interaction + built great excitement.


Through the process of discovering, designing + building the remodel projects, Les + Mary grew to appreciate holistic design, attention to detail + high-quality materials. Well-thought out patterns, form + space usage set a new bar for design + detailing in the home. It was exciting to be a member of the team and experience the Busby residence transformation from a "semi custom" house to a home designed specifically for their family.

  • "Greg + his team helped us create a truly custom home that we love. Greg + Dan were great to work with, very responsive + always available when needed. My husband + I would highly recommend ge Wattier [Slingshot]."
    Mary Busby, Homeowner