Bobabes interiors at Stevens Point in Wisconsin
A women-owned boba tea cafe in Stevens Point, Wisconsin with a large social media presence. This boba tea cafe will be the first of its kind in the Stevens Point area. Being close to a college campus, there will be high engagement with students and professors, and multi-cultural inclusivity.
Empowered in Pink

Being a women-owned business, women empowerment is a central driver to the identity of Bobabes. Their space will speak a language of empowerment by creating a moody, yet lively space in the community, connecting others with a large social media presence, and adding pops of pink throughout, in the process.

Monochromatic Edge

Creating a moody, dark tonal environment with walls of bright neon signage and art throughout will help create an enticing location for patrons to enjoy boba tea. Serving as an instagram-worthy backdrop as a whole, Bobabes will also create designated areas for instagramable moments that will help bring together the surrounding community and connect individuals through boba.

Environmental Impact

Sustainability and environmental impact are a particularly important part of the Bobabes business model. Being conscious of environmental impact and carbon footprint, Bobabes will provide eco-friendly plates, cups, straws and additional utensils, along with discounts for patrons who bring reusable cups. Integrating biophilia throughout the cafe will bring a natural element in that gives a nod to their eco-friendly goals.