Baby Boomers Cafe

Pull Back

The restaurant owners’ personalities were on display in their existing comfort food diner. Their chocolate-chip cookie, a favorite of the first family, put them on the national stage. It was time to reinvent their restaurant while maintaining the welcoming feel that patrons came to expect.


We took the iconic 1950s diner in a new direction that allowed customers to engage with the owners. The bar became Rodney’s stage, with chalkboards of positive messages hanging above. Tom reluctantly allowed us to add a serving window so patrons could also connect with him.


This anchor at the corner of the e5w building in the East Village drew crowds, especially for breakfast + weekends. The dynamic host + chef kept the place lively; the food provided the comfort.

  • "You guys nailed it! Everyone really likes it here, especially the signage."
    Rodney Maxfield, Co-owner, Baby Boomers Cafe