Sophie Anderson

Sophie Anderson Headshot

Currently pursuing a double major in Architecture and History at Clemson University, Sophie Anderson is an intern at Slingshot. As an intern, she gets the opportunity to see projects at different stages during the design and building process.

Sophie believes that the best part of working at Slingshot is the people — everyone is so welcoming and creates a community of helpfulness and collaboration. She wanted to join the Slingshot team because the firm has had a hand in her favorite work around Des Moines and because of Slingshot's unique design process. Architecture for Slingshot creates spaces and buildings that serve the people that use them best. Slingshot is people focused, which Sophie believes is the best perspective an architect can have.

When she's not at work, Sophie enjoys sailing, spending time with her family and friends, hiking, watching the sun rise, traveling, reading and being outside.

  • "Leave something good in every day." – Dolly Parton