Sam DeWall


Born and raised in Wisconsin, Sam studied at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee and received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture in 2013. There he spent time exploring model making, delving into new technologies and dreaming about the design of the first colony on Mars.

Sam wanted to be a part of the Slingshot team because our firm cares about the clouds and dirt—the big picture in the sky of why a project is done paired with the nitty gritty nuts and bolts of how work is completed. He is helping build out Slingshot’s Iowa City office while continuing to learn and grow in his pursuit of becoming a licensed architect.

Outside of the office Sam enjoys traveling, taking photos with his camera and drone,
building models and engaging in creative projects, watching a good (or bad) sci-fi movie, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with his friends.

  • "“Ad Astra per Aspera”