Peter McDermott


With a Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University, Peter McDermott joined the Slingshot Architecture team after working extensively in healthcare design. Prior to working at Slingshot, he helped coordinate the design and completion of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital throughout its construction.

Peter was drawn to the Slingshot team by their unique emphasis in the design process. While fostering the team's creativity and collaboration, Peter is ready to expand Slingshot's positive impact and responsible design to Iowa City.

When Peter is off the clock, he enjoys golfing and cycling with friends and family, and rides RAGBRAI every year. He also enjoys trying new foods and exploring new places with his partner and best friend, Megan.

  • ""There are those for whom a taste, is never enough; for whom the lust of adventure is nearly insatiable. If you add to that the overwhelming desire to create and to share, then you get where I reside. For the end of one adventure, only signifies the beginning of another." – Les Stroud