Greg Wattier, AIA


From a young age, Greg was exposed to the art of creating buildings. He began the firm in 2002 under the name ge WATTIER Architecture with the goal of creating exciting solutions to everyday design problems, connecting personally with Clients, and a passion for helping old spaces find a new life through architecture.

Greg attended the University of Michigan where he received a Master’s degree in architecture in 1991. Since graduating he has provided architecture, urban design, interior design and planning services for a wide variety of clients and partners. Before settling in Iowa, Greg practiced in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, and Winnipeg, Canada.

As the Slingshot team has grown, Greg’s priorities have remained focused on the heart of the firm’s business. Regardless of the project or initiative, he works to lead the team toward the common goal of connecting with the Des Moines community, impacting change through innovative design solutions and crafting client strategy. While none of them are Des Moines natives, Greg and Slingshot’s other partners have made the conscious decision to be Iowans and help their community flourish. Greg believes this gives Slingshot architecture a unique perspective when it comes to fostering ideas for clients that have both vision and purpose. As a testament to that commitment, Greg has served on a number of boards including the Des Moines Planning and Zoning Board, Urban Design Review Board, and the Operation Downtown DSM Board, among others.

While the buildings he’s designed may someday be gone—or receive new life from another future architect—Greg believes that his legacy is in his family, strong relationships, and the positive impact Slingshot has made on the greater Des Moines community.

  • "It's not orange, it's yellow!