Andante/Eau Claire

The project was submitted as a proposal for Block 7, and the Liner site within the North Barstow district of Eau Claire, WI. The project is in 3 phases which include a residential unit mix, a new children's museum, and retail. All these uses work together on the site with a community plaza and green space to provide connectivity for pedestrians, bikers and the community as a whole, encouraging activity day & night.
People // Expression

The community contains a strong art and music population. Our site continues the language of the surrounding context by signifying music through its architecture. The site is the future location for the local Children's Museum, where it is an object in the landscape that embodies the activities of climbing, exploring, and socialization at all hours

Place // Urbanity

Encourage the continuation of mixed use commercial buildings along the Eastern portion of the site. Serve as a transitional step between the large scale office + Residential buildings to the South and West, as well the low-rise traditional commercial buildings to the North and East. Create an urban plaza within the site that connects, via existing trails and walking paths, to the existing plaza spaces throughout Eau Claire.

Optimism // Engagement

The project creates better downtown housing options, while embracing the culture of arts currently present in Eau Claire. People are provided with opportunities to have social encounters within the courtyard, outdoor seating, and wide sidewalks. By creating an active edge to the project, the buildings create a space where dynamic interaction with pedestrians occurs.