Corner Block on Parker


The building edge and mass will guide pedestrian traffic and views towards active street edges and the downtown's greatest asset, the Rock river. The building will also encourage and continue pedestrian and bike connectivity through a larger web of connections to the Mercy Hospital, Courthouse, library, and the Janesville performing arts center as it may serve as housing for these professionals in the area and are key traffic generators in the downtown.


The site is currently an under utilized public parking lot for the downtown and sits nestled between retaining walls to its NE and NW. The building will pull aspects of nearby buildings included floor heights datum lines, window types such as the bay windows, and the abundance of masonry to harmonize with the local context.


The building will be exciting to the renters market and the downtown by offering new construction, great views of the river, and amenities such as a co-working space, rooftop deck, courtyard, and bike storage. The apartment complex will be a precedent for all future apartment buildings in the downtown.