Trinity Center @ Luther Park


To help the owner strategically plan + phase new additions + remodels, we began by researching state + city code requirements for Alzheimer's + full-time nursing needs. We understood existing construction assemblies, design + context as we developed a new design aesthetic to upgrade the original 1970s architecture.


We proposed a new design palette that complements the existing building but breaks away from the institutional aesthetic. Our investigations of existing structural, mechanical + electrical systems helped us determine how to stitch in new additions in a cost-effective + visually appealing way. A 3-D computer model building helped the owner visualize future phases, implications of each phase + the new design ideas.


We have added or modified many of the common areas + remodeled areas to create more efficient + effective staff working areas. We have worked with Denny for several years + have become his trusted advisor.

  • "Greg + his firm are competent, responsive, imaginative + a pleasure to work with. They have receptively proven to be problem solvers + shown the ability to look at existing challenges + bring fresh ideas to the table. They have worked well with agencies that regulate what we do + build here, + seem to have an excellent grasp on building codes.”
    Denny Garland, Executive Director, Luther Care Services