Finkbine Residence


Originally built in 1896 as the opulent residence of Robert Finkbine, the builder of the Iowa Capitol Building, the historic Finkbine Mansion became home to the Community Function of Greater Des Moines in 2002. We were hired to identify scope, propose solutions, bid to qualified contractors + oversee repair/construction of multiple deferred maintenance items + ADA concerns the foundation had for the property.


We identified + prioritized the improvements. These improvements included masonry repointing, stained-glass window repair, wood window repair + re-glazing, gutter repair + replacement, stone wall repair + revised ADA-accessible access to the main level. SSA developed solutions that were sensitive to the historic character of the building + sought qualified contractors to competitively bid on the outlined scope of work.


Sometimes successful maintenance improvements are only noticeable when looking at the before + after images. Our favorite impact on this project remains the restoration of the large wood-framed and stained-glass window near the main central staircase. The light reflects off the beveled stained-glass, producing a prism of color. We are always glad when we have the opportunity to assist in the preservation of Iowa history.