Campbell’s Nutrition – Urbandale


The owner of a long-established nutrition store in Des Moines, Diane Lahodny described her vision for expanding the retail space in Urbandale to promote education. People come to the store seeking information, support + expertise. She sought an expanded arrangement that would be more intuitive + reinforce Campbell’s identity as a source for healthful, fresh, local + organic foods, supplements + products.


To bridge the old + new, we designed a cafe + book selling area that transforms for demonstrations + guest speakers through the use of mobile carts + moveable furniture. Check-out counters double as “help centers” along the front of the store, providing better flow + visibility. The new entry vestibule creates a circular traffic flow + keeps wind gusts from entering.


Colors + materials for the cafe + check-out areas are bright + durable. The staff are always close by to offer assistance + friendly advice. At the project’s end, we were invited to design the next store, Cambell’s Nutrition West — a vote of confidence we always appreciate.