Clive Townhomes


Walkability is activated by linking key nodes punctuated by greenspace design and key building features. Next stops on the sidewalk are clearly visible and wayfinding in the Town Square becomes simple and intuitive. Greenbelt Connection is focused between the interior public spaces in the Government Center and Library buildings where a key node will be developed with a shared small scale plaza.


Building forms are responsive to the new urban spaces included in the masterplan as well as the existing surroundings. Townhomes at the north end of the site integrate more historical residential forms from the area to more fully relate to the existing residential neighborhoods. Public building entries follow grade to fully integrate with the streetscapes and capture unique vantages of the Town Square.


Views back to the Greenbelt are captured from the council chambers and library community room. All interior spaces open up onto the adjacent greenspaces. Views through to the adjacent Mercy parking lots are mitigated by backing up single-sided townhome units. Shadowing of the aquatic center has been avoided with maximum two story massing of civic/commercial buildings.