Banks Rowhomes

The Landing

As a row home product in Des Moines, the development is meant to stand out with a dynamic park at the landing of the Iowa Women of Achievement pedestrian bridge. The identity of neighborhood is a destination connecting to the riverfront walkway.

Unique Cohesiveness

Each home exterior is designed to feel unique and individual while remaining part of cohesive, pedestrian- friendly neighborhood. The variance of unit types allowed for subtle individuality within the neighborhood including - owner selected accent color, brick heights, + window types.

Urban Verticality

Situated in the heart of downtown, verticality was crucial. To emphasize verticality in a 3 story row home, each home was set up as the buff : bronze vertical masses. Each exposed corner is anchored with a 3 story dark mass adjacent to the 2 story buff. To enforce verticality secondary movements were included - accent vertical materials + fenestration patterns.